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A BBQ joint where the cakes are as popular as the food

People are already places their cake orders for Thanksgiving.


Come hungry to Big Mama's Barbeque, located off Interstate 64, in East St. Louis where they serve big portions that might get a little messy.

Craig Hunter, co-owner, said, "You need a fork and a bib."

This is the fourth location over the years. But co-owner Craig Hunter says this location has been the most successful.


"It's the best thing ever. Drive thru is great, right off the highway," he said.

One of the most popular dishes at Big Mama's BBQ is this.

"We're known for snoots. So we gotta be better than everybody else."

But you can't leave here without trying their house specialty sandwich, which has pulled pork and French fries, all topped with a creamy chili sauce.

"It's a huge meal," he said.

But the food is only half the story at this restaurant.

"Our cake business took off, it's unbelievable," Craig said.

And it's all thanks to c-owner Lauri Shannon.

"I'm the cake lady," she said.

They sell 20,000 slices of cake per year.
There are 7 flavors to choose from: lemon, caramel, chocolate fudge, butter pecan, German chocolate, orange sherbet, and banana pudding.
For Thanksgiving, the most popular cake is caramel and the orders are already coming in.

"Grandmas and great grandmas know about the caramel cake but a lot of people are not familiar with it," he said.

If you're wondering who the big mama is of Big Mama's BBQ, here's your answer.

Craig said, "It's Laura, she's the big mama."

Lauri said, "I started out as a lil mama but I'm a bigger mama now. But no, I don't like the name."

Big Mama's BBQ:

(618) 398-8950
5900 St Clair Ave
East Saint Louis, Illinois

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