Homemade Sides

$2.59 / $2.99

Cole Slaw || Potato Salad Corn Nuggets || Onion Rings || “Pull My Finger” Baked Beans || French Fries || Fried Okra || Garlic Mashed Potatoes || Fried Mac & Cheese || Cucumber & Tomato Salad || *Green Beans & Waffle Fries - $2.79


$.050 / $1.25

Xtra Sauce........$0.75 || Xtra Cheese......$0.75 || Xtra Bread.........$0.75 || Xtra Ranch for Sides......$0.50 || Xtra Sour Cream.............$0.50 || Slice Bacon (2 slices)......$ 1.25



Soda || Teas || Coffee

Sauce by the bottle

Big Mama's BBQ Sauce


House BBQ || Sweet & Spicy || Buffalo

Mama's Favorites

Our famous slow cooked baked beans loaded with tender chunks of grilled sausage.


Toasted Ravioli.........$5.99 || Loaded Waffle Fries.........$5.49 || Jalapeno Poppers.........$2.99 || Chicken Strips (1/2 Pound).......$5.29 || Barney’s Basket of Cornbread......$4.29 || Sausage and Bean Bowl.....$6.99

Chicken Wingettes

*Crispy Wingettes & Drummies*

10 pc - $7.75 or $0.80ea

You can choose how many!! (Minimum 4 per sauce) || Great as an Appeteaser! || Whole Wings for $1.40 a piece || Grilled Wings $1.45 ea./Must order in advance || Sauce Flavors: House BBQ || Sweet & Spicy || Buffalo || Kickin' || Smoky

BBQ Meat by the Pound

BBQ Pulled Pork or Chicken To Go by the Pound


Each pound feeds approx. 3 people. Bulk meat comes with sauce, pickle and onion. || Sauce on the side $1.00 extra each pound.|| Pint Sides...3.99 (feeds 3ish) || Quart Sides... 6.99 (feeds 7ish) || Buns....$0.25 ea

Cakes by the Slice

Big Mama's Homemade Cakes

$3.49 - $3.69

Banana Pudding Cake..3.69 per slice || Butter Pecan Cake...3.69 per slice || Caramel Cake....3.49 per slice || German Chocolate Cake....3.69 per slice || Lemon Cake....3.49 per slice || Orange Sherbet Cake...3.49 per slice || Chocolate Fudge Cake (white cake)...3.69 per slice || || We sell whole cakes !

Big Fresh Salads

TayTay’s Special House Salad

Large with cornbread $5.99 Smaller house salad $3.99

Try our delicious homemade sweet vinaigrette dressing on top of fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, yellow & white shredded cheese, bacon, green onions and croutons. It’s a work of art!

Grilled Chicken Salads


We start with a fresh big bowl of leafy lettuce, fresh tomato, cucumber, yellow shredded cheese and croutons... Your choice of meat & dressing. Comes with cornbread.

Fried Chicken Strip Salad


Fried chicken strips cut in chunks on leafy lettuce, tomato, cucumber, yellow cheese, croutons and your choice of dressing.

Smoked Turkey Salad


smoked turkey, cucumber, yellow cheese, croutons and your choice of dressing.


Xtra - $.75 ea

Dressings: Ranch, Italian, Honey Mustard & Homemade Vinaigrette

House Specialties



2 beef patties, pulled pork OR chicken sammiches topped by a DOUBLE cheese fry & special toppings

Original Cooter


Choice of meat with bbq sauce and our infamous homemade creamy chili flavored cooter sauce & green onions on the cheese fries.

Foot-Long Sausage Cooter


Footlong polish sausage with BBQ sauce topped with Cheese Fries, Cooter Sauce and green onions. || All beef sausage add $ 1.00

Loaded Cooter Fries


Bed of fries topped with cooter sauce, nacho cheese, green onions and bacon bits

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Nachos


Nacho cheese, pulled chicken, sweet & spicy sauce, shredded cheddar, tomatoes, green onions and sour cream served on tortilla chips.

Beef Nachos


Ground beef, nacho cheese sauce, onion, lettuce, tomato, seasoning

Hog Nachos


BBQ Pulled pork, queso cheese, green onions, tomatoes and sour cream.

Boudin Balls


Deep fried balls of rice, sausage & cheese served with our Boudin sauce

Favorite Grilled Sammiches

Papa Sewell’s Pork Snoot


We sell over 50,000 pounds a year! || (sauce on the side is NOT recommended

Snoot Pieces


BBQ Pig Snoots smothered in Big Mama's Homemade BBQ Sauce.

Ripley’s Rib Tips (Full Pound)


We weigh ‘em. FULL POUND of tender chunks from the grill. (suggested serving is 1)

JUMBO Pork Steak


Enjoy our big thick pork steak smoked for hours! Served on bread.

Uncle Bob’s Best Ever Spare Ribs

Half Slab.......$10.99 / Full Slab.... $19.99

Grilled on our pit & cut individually into Pig Cicles!

Half Grilled Chicken


BBQ Grilled Chicken

Grilled Polish Sausage Chunks

$ 7.99

with peppers & onions


Snoot/Tip Combo -


Full Snoot (1/2 pound) & 1/2 pound of tips.

Snoot/ Wing Combo -


Full Snoot + 4 Whole Chicken Wings

Snoot/Sausage Combo -


Full Snoot + 1/2 Lb. Polish Sausage

Wing/Sausage Combo -


4 Whole Chicken Wings + 1/2 Lb Polish Sausage

Grilled Wraps

Smoked Turkey Wrap


Smoked sliced turkey, white cheese slices, tomato and lettuce wrapped in a honey wheat wrap with chipotle or regular mayo on the side.

Grilled Chicken Wrap


Grilled chicken breast topped with American cheese, served in a honey wheat wrap. Tomato, lettuce and honey mustard on the side.

Fried Chicken Strip Chunks Wrap


Grilled chicken strips topped with American cheese, served in a honey wheat wrap. Tomato, lettuce and honey mustard on the side.

Sammiches (Pork)

Papa Ernie’s Pulled Pork


The best smoked hand-pulled pork ever!

Porky’s Pig Sammich


Smoked pulled pork topped with slaw.

The HOT Mama


Jumbo spicy foot long sausage topped with onions.

Foot Long Grilled Polish Sausage


Foot Long Grilled Polish Sausage

Grilled Brats


Grilled Bratwurst

Sammiches (Poultry)

Aunt Effie’s BBQ Pulled Chicken


We smoke it & pull it.

Gizzy’s Grilled Chicken


7 oz flame grilled breast meat.

Fried Chicken Breast Sammich


7 oz. Southern Fried Chicken Breast served with pickles & onions.

Sammiches (Beef)

Big Joe’s Beef Brisket


1/2 Lb. of smoked sliced brisket.

The Classic Burger Basket


Add Cheese for 75 cents 1/2 Lb. of our freshly seasoned flame grilled burger with your choice of sauce. French Fries, Pickle & onion on the side.

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger


1/2 Lb. of our freshly seasoned flame grilled burger with American Cheese and your choice of sauce. French Fries, Pickle & onion on the side.

The Classic Jumbo All-Beef Hot Dog


1/4 Lb all beef dog served with sauce, relish & onion.

All-Beef Foot Long Grilled Sausage


foot long grilled sausage served with ketchup, relish & onion.

Sauce Flavors

All Sauce Flavors Available

House BBQ || Sweet & Spicy || Buffalo || Kickin’ || Smoky Hot

Big Mama's Menu

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